query(name, pagesize, sort, field, value, ...)

query(name, pagesize, sort, field, value, ...). base. Returns a special object that is used for more sophisticated display of pages.

The name parameter is used to automatically extract page indexing from the page's request arguments (i.e., from _params.) To disable page indexing, set pagesize to 0.

sort should be the name of a field used for sorting (e.g., "title"); if descending order is desired, use syntax like "title desc, id" so that the last criterion can always be sorted in ascending order.

An arbitrary number of field-value pairs may be specified to restrict the list of entries returned as a conjunctive (i.e., all arguments must be satisfied). value may be a list(), in which the options are considered disjunctively (only one value need be satisfied). Comparison is performed using LIKE, so e.g. pages containing multiple keywords may be returned with multiple "body" filters, e.g. query("fruit", 0, "title", "body", "%fruit%", "body", list("%apple%", "%orange%")) would return pages containing 'fruit' and either 'orange' or 'apple'.